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World’s weirdest dive destinations

Although it’s hard to imagine getting bored with sea turtles, sharks, and coral reefs, there may come a time when you want to see something weird and wacky while diving.

If you ever get the hankering for an unconventional scuba trip, you won’t have any trouble finding one!

From pole to pole and everywhere in between, here are the world’s weirdest diving destinations.

Weird dive destinations

The Ruins of Yonaguni in Japan

This underwater rock formation off the coast of Japan is an enigma. Experts still dispute whether the terraced formations are a natural phenomenon or the ruins of a long-lost civilization.

How did they get here? Why were they made? And when? You can dive this weird site and throw your own theories out there when you see it for yourself. It might be just a strange natural formation — but it’s more fun to imagine it as Atlantis!

Museum of Underwater Modern Art in Mexico

This dive site is a cross between an environmental effort and a museum of art. Everything in the museum is beautiful to see, but it’s also scientifically engineered to promote coral growth.

Eventually, the statues will be covered in coral, but for now, they are still a distinct man-made underwater attraction. It’s also a great destination for incredible photos!

Neptune Memorial Reef in Florida

This dive site in Florida is either the coolest thing you’ve ever heard of… or the most ghoulish.

This under-the-sea cemetery doubles as a beautiful work of art. Cremated remains have been mixed with concrete and molded into artistic statues, which create the perfect base for a coral reef. It might be a weird dive site, but it’s oddly lovely and peaceful.

Valhalla Missile Silo in Texas

This dive site is like something from a sci-fi novel. It was built in the 1960s when the United States thought a nuclear war was imminent. This huge silo is over 50 feet wide and 174 feet underground.

Abandoned in the mid-1960s, the silo filled up with groundwater and was transformed into the creepiest dive site you can imagine. No, you won’t have to worry about things with sharp teeth here, but you can’t help but imagine some scary creatures when you plunge into the metallic depths.

Silfra in Iceland

Is diving every continent on your bucket list? If you, you can check off two of them when you dive Silfra. This dive spot is located in Iceland, in a fissure right between the North American and Eurasian plates.

The glacial water is crystal-clear, and you’ll have more visibility than you ever knew was possible. This is one of the most awesome freshwater diving sites on the planet!

McMurdo Sound

Last but not least, you can get extreme by diving McMurdo Sound! And by extreme, I mean extremely cold. McMurdo Sound is actually in Antarctica. The temperature gets 40 below and you do have to break through at least four feet of ice to get down there, but the water is incredibly clear and you’ll have the chance to see rare and beautiful marine life!

This is literally the coolest place you can dive.

Which one do you want to dive?


Breana Johnson is a freelance writer, former Caribbean expat, and masters student at the University of London. She'd rather be under the sea in the Leeward Islands, but for now she's appreciating beach days at Lake Erie.

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