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Diving in Komodo, Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot of spectacular dive sites, but 35 of the best are found in the National Park Reserve of Komodo Island. Diving in Komodo is a dream come true for most advanced divers! This region is challenging, beautiful, and unique. It has the perfect combination of good visibility, warm water, and plenty to see.

Here, you’ll find a wide array of wildlife, including sharks, rays, and brightly-colored tropical fish. Komodo’s dive sites are comprised of beautiful walls and pristine coral reefs, and most sites are naturally protected from overfishing by strong currents.

The best Sites

Looking for a tough, rewarding Asian dive destination? You’re sure to find it in Komodo! Here are a few of the best dive sites in Komodo.

Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong, or “Hollow Rock,” is an awesome site 75 meters below sea level. This area is accessible by boat and is located between Tatawa and Komodo Island. This site lives up to its name – it is a huge hole in a rock filled with life!

While diving here, you will find massive schools of fish. You might even spot a turtle or two as well as sharks so be sure to bring along a camera. You won’t want to miss getting photos here.

GPS Point

If you want a challenging dive, try GPS Point. This dive site is somewhat challenging with strong currents, which has protected it from overfishing and large crowds. GPS point is recommended for advanced divers only, but your efforts will be rewarded!

Make sure to look out for large schools of barracuda, impressive sharks, and plenty of tuna.

Tatawa Kecil

Tatawa Kecil is located by a tiny island of the same name. This is a tough but rewarding cave dive site!

There is a beautiful reef here, filled with colorful fish and brilliant coral. You’re likely to spot a manta ray, and if you’re lucky, there might even be some dugong.

Manta Alley

If you love manta rays, you can’t pass up the opportunity to dive here. The best manta-viewing time is between September and January, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

Although visits during the other months of the year where you might not see a manta will be far from a disappointment. This dive is awesome even without majestic mantas. You’ll be sure to see large schools of fish and a variety of marine life all year round!

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is comprised of three huge rocks in incredibly clear water. Although this dive site doesn’t have strong currents and is relatively shallow, it’s still only recommended for advanced divers. This is a great place to spot sharks and check out nudibranchs!

Komodo is one of the best advanced dive destinations in the world! You’ll get the opportunity to choose between dozens of dive sites, and you can see incredible, healthy marine ecosystems anywhere you go.

If you’re looking for your next Indonesian dive destination, this is it. Also, check out this awesome drone footage of Komodo!


Breana Johnson is a freelance writer, former Caribbean expat, and masters student at the University of London. She'd rather be under the sea in the Leeward Islands, but for now she's appreciating beach days at Lake Erie.

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