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Diving in the Amazon. Are you crazy enough?

Despite boasting an incredibly rich freshwater ecosystem, the mighty Amazon river is widely considered an outrageous destination for diving.

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Scuba Diving in Mozambique

With over 2000 km of coastline facing the splendid Indian Ocean on the South-East coast of Africa, Mozambique offers some world-class dives, especially for experienced divers looking for exciting encounters with big...

Diving in Volcano-Like Conditions

Ever wonder what it would be like to dive in volcano-like conditions? Surprisingly, you can do just that in Midway, Utah!

One day of scuba diving in Cozumel

The best diving in Cozumel for beginners and advanced divers including the top dive sites for drift diving and swim-throughs.

Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs: A land-locked scuba diving playground

Dutch Springs is great for training and for fun! When the ocean has rough seas and your dives are canceled, Dutch Springs is there! It is a great place for getting in the water, and while it might not be that really...